Gratitude represents a work and life philosophy and great wisdom. It advocates that we should treat our clients, partners, and even everybody and everything around us with gratitude and fill our hearts with active love and awe.


"Creating value for clients is where all activities start." By altruism, we emphasize standing in the shoes of the stakeholders such as clients, partners and colleagues, and we encourage behaviors of realizing our own value and gaining respect by creating value for others. Altruism is a great, unselfish love, a way of forging one’s own attainment by helping others succeed.


It is an undertaking, an attitude, and even an act to pursue achievements. As the cultural root of an enterprise, responsibility is necessary for everything, no matter how big or small. Where there is stronger responsibility, there is less resource loss, less failure, and greater hope.

Win-win Concept

It advocates that “the enterprise grows and thrives together with clients, employees and society”. Only when focusing on multi-win results for clients, employees, the enterprise and society, can we gain respect and promote social progress, as fusion is the power for a win-win success.


Be responsible for corporate missions, fulfill the duties of posts, and keep the promise. Calmly embrace responsibilities and problems without evasion, buckpassing, or fact hiding. Commitment is not merely a kind of responsibility and attitude, but even a kind of ability.


A kind of boldness and even a kind of talent, which involves innovative thinking and actions to enable the differentiated development. An enterprise should constantly seek innovation to meet its needs for long-term development.

Annually help one million people improve their wealth and living conditions through the power of finance.

Become a typical and respected enterprise in China and transform from a successful enterprise into a great one.

Enable every striving employee to realize their life dreams in SendKing.

Competency-based employment with priority of performance

Fair competition with long-term incentives

Honesty & Pragmatism , Excellence & Innovation

Serve the World , Return the Society

Attention, Diligence, Devotion

Love and Devotion

Give care, love and devotion to the team and members


There are no perfect individuals, but perfect teams


Solidarity Be integrated with the team

Effective Execution

Show absolute obedience

Team Honor

Be determined to complete tasks. Do not be a drag on the team.


No excuses. Act now.

Never Give up

Face every problem until there comes a solution.

Enthusiasm and Happiness

Always perform the best at work.

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