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On November 6, the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019 was unveiled at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, which was attended by Chen Xin, Director of the First International Capital Business Division, and Li Liang, BD of Cross-Border Institution BD of SendKing attended. They discussed and exchanged with experts from regulatory institutions, and excellent entrepreneurs from investment, academic, fintech and other sectors, to learn new financial technologies and jointly search for new opportunities in the fintech market. 

Hong Kong FinTech Week, hosted by Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), is one of the largest fintech conferences in Asia. Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019, with focus on emerging technologies such as virtual capital services, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, has attracted the leading figures in the financial sector to explore development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). By attending this conference, SendKing showcased its strong financial strength, but also learned the globally leading innovative technologies, establishing a solid foundation for its internationalization journey to become a strong power in the financial industry.


Technology is leading the world into a new era and bringing about great changes in the global economy, including the financial sector. Chen Xin, Director of the International Capital Business Division of SendKing, said: "it is a great honor for me to represent SendKing to attend such an industry event as Hong Kong FinTech Week, where I can communicate with many top companies from around the world. It can widen my knowledge on finance as well as fintech. As an excellent domestic capital service platform, SendKing always adheres to financial innovation, regarding fintech as a core productive force of the financial sector, consistently deepens the application of technology in the financial sector. Thanks to this conference, I can bring new products, technologies and ideas back to our company, to deliver effective combination of technology with financial business and assist Sendking to become more professional with international force."


As an ambitious financial enterprise to go global, SendKing has devoted lots of efforts to financial innovation and deepening its opening up. Coping with the world changes, it has taken new steps: in 2019, it has realized informatization of capital services, started overall application of technology, and simplified working procedures to supply more convenient and technical capital services; it has also explored the international market in multiple fields, improved application of fintech, and enhanced the quality of capital services, striving to create more wealth value for more customers, and leading the vessel of finance to sail to a wider ocean. 


Hong Kong is a fintech hub bridging China and the Western countries. With its huge financial business system and financial technologies, it has flourished in fintech ecology through the capital flow, technology flow, and talent flow, and grown into a world-class financial center. SendKing’s strategic deployment and financial business conducted in Hong Kong have justified the correct leadership of the President Pan. SendKing will continue to explore new business fields, introduce high-level professional talents and international innovative teams, emphasis technology to empower finance to help more people realize their wealth dreams, and develop diversified financial businesses via Hong Kong as a financial center to boost Chinese economy. 


In technical application, technology is being used more like a drive in innovation now, rather than just as a support. The profound integration of finance and technology is significant for innovative financial products and services, higher quality and efficiency of capital services, and early financial digitization and intelligence.


SendKing, through placing priority on informatization, has been empowered in innovation, technology, and data, and has integrated finance with technology to lead the financial sector and achieve better development. SendKing is proactively expanding new technologies and looking for new development drives, to better support the digitalization of the real economy. At the same time, SendKing always deems compliance as the bottom line, stays true to innovation, and enhances its ability to control risks, so as to provide reliable comprehensive capital services for the financial market. It will strive to become an international and exemplary high-end capital services brand in China and promote financial development!

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