Rising from the obscure Singles’ Day to an online shopaholic carnival, Tmall Double Eleven Festival has entered its 11th year.


In recent years, there has been a growing trend of integration between capital services and E-commerce consumption. The E-commerce platforms have placed surprisingly unanimous degree of emphasis on financial payment, trying to seize the market of consumer finance with payment means.

Alipay under Ant Financial Services Group has 6 local versions of Alipay joined Tmall Double Eleven Festival, vigorously expands the “Ant Check Later” service, and launches a series of other capital services; WeChat Pay under Tencent extends its promotion from online to offline; JD Finance even provides the total subsidies of RMB 1 billion for consumers; Suning Finance also offers great discounts in terms of Suning Pay.

“For E-commerce financial service providers, the goal of promoting payment means by various new and attractive activities at Double Eleven and other industrial events is to establish their own financial ecosystems”, some inside analysis holds.

Seize the Market of Consumer Finance through Payment

In the 2019 Double Eleven Shopping Festival, the E-commerce giants not merely compete in promotion. Behind the scenes, they have early formally joined in the contest in Internet financial technologies. Different from the crazy discount promotion hyped in previous years, what the Internet financial giants focus on has changed this year.


It is noticed by Securities Daily that in the promotions of all E-commerce platforms, their own payment means are bundled to expand the market share through different paths.

An insider stated, “For Alipay and WeChat Pay, their shares in the online consumer market have reached the peak, and they will develop new areas mainly through payment agencies.” 

The relevant person in charge of Alipay told Securities Daily, “6 local versions of Alipay will join Tmall Double Eleven Festival this year.” According to statistics, so far there have been 9 local versions of Alipay globally. It is not hard to see that Alipy aims to expand its overseas coverage by Double Eleven.


About WeChat Pay, almost all of its discount activities during the Double Eleven are offline, covering such areas as food, clothing, accommodation and transport. In addition, for other payment agencies under other E-commerce platforms, Double Eleven is a good opportunity to expand the market share and increase customer loyalty.

JD Finance has launched an activity spanning nearly one month to subsidize consumers with a total amount of RMB 1 billion. According to the relevant person in charge of Suning Pay, consumers can enjoy great discounts for each bill they make at Suning through Suning Pay.

Lately, most of the e-commerce platforms have based their promotions on payment means to which hundreds of functions are added, making their payment apps comprehensive software. These all reflect the value of payment as an entrance. Payment apps have become among the most frequently used applications on mobile phones.

Consumption in Installment Rises to Center Position

Furthermore, Securities Daily has noticed that in the Double Eleven this year, consumption in installment is the main way of discounts at all E-commerce platforms.

According to relevant information, as the important financial institution under Alibaba, Anti Financial is seeing its Ant Check Later rising to the center position of the capital services.


According to Huang Hao, President of Digital Finance Group of Ant Financial, the main business of Alipay this year is Ant Check Later; 40% of the merchant services of Ant Check Later are consultations on account opening, which is double the usual consultations.

Suning Finance also targets the instalment market; Fenqile, an instalment instrument under Lexin, provides interest-free installment with terms ranging from 12 to 24 months for the hot bands, and such activity lasts as long as two weeks; JD.COM launches JD Baitiao interest-free installment. Surely, payment in installment integrates finance into our daily consumption, makes the high-priced goods affordable to common people, thus releasing consumption potentials and driving consumption upgrade to serve the real economy. For this reason, payment in installment is a “magic tool” for E-commerce platforms to stimulate sales and improve user experiences.

As a new financial form, mobile payment is showing prominent value as a traffic entrance, which is embodied by the accumulation of data traffic, volumes of merchants and users, and the control of capital channels with remarkable scale effect. Essentially, all these are for the development of user habits and practical payment conversions, so as to broaden the application scenarios of mobile payment.

Advent of Digital Supply Chain Finance

The competition in supply chain efficiency has also become more comprehensive. Driven by the policies, the licensed financial institutions and start-ups have jointly participated in the active exploration of supply chain capital services.

The financial reform has taken place in the fields such as payment and wealth management, which has greatly accelerated the transformation of traditional finance into Internet finance. In addition, with the technological advancement, the applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud technology, big data, and 5G can solve the problems of the traditional supply chain finance in authenticity, efficiency, and risk pricing and inevitably change the business processes.

SENDKING Viewpoint:

As an international capital service provider, SendKing is scientifically developing digital finance and grasping the innovation opportunities. Relying on the advantages of the advanced digital economy and agglomerated financial businesses, SendKing promotes the innovative applications of the advanced technologies in finance.

Following the concept of the opening up and development, SendKing is advancing towards internationalization. While deepening its own equity investment businesses, SendKing will globally promote its businesses to realize international capital operation and strive to become an international comprehensive capital service platform. Meanwhile, by this process, SendKing will also bring investors more cutting-edge and advanced investment ideas and products!

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