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On the afternoon of November 11, 2019, the meeting of SendKing Investment Committee on the calcite project was held at Conference Room on the 38th floor of the International Financial Center where the company is headquartered. The attendees included Vice President Xie Boshi, Peng Zhen, General Manager of the Investment Banking Department, Tang Hualiang, Director of the Supervision and Audit Center, Chen Lian, Manager of the Risk Control Center, and Li Hanying, chief of the Post-investment Management Center. They had a deep discussion on the equity investment project of Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd. jointly submitted by the Investment Business Department and the Risk Control Center.


Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd., established on November 26, 2010, is engaged in the open pit mining, processing, and sales of limestone used for the production of building stones. It mainly produces calcite and block stones, with a production scale of 100,000 tons/year and recoverable reserves of 2.491 million tons. The processed calcite could be widely used in petroleum, metal smelting, chemical synthesis, aerospace, high temperature superconducting,  machinery manufacturing, and especially the high-tech fields; therefore, the market demand for calcite is extremely huge. The mine field of Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd., as well as the surrounding mountains, has rich calcite reserves that can meet the demands of long-term production and expansion.

The sand gravel industry is among the key fields SendKing focuses on in 2019. To present the partners with higher-quality projects, the Investment Business Department and the Risk Control Center have collected nearly 100 qualified sand gravel projects all over the country and selected several high-quality ones for intensive contact. After site investigation and deep analysis, the Investment Business Department holds that Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd. comprehensively meets the conditions and has significant investment prospects.


He Bailin, Director of Investment Business Department

At this meeting, He Bailin, Director of the Investment Business Department, who was fully responsible for the investigation of the project, objectively elaborated on the business conditions of Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd., the current situation of the calcite industry, the characteristics of calcite products and their applications, and the production of the downstream products. Through his introduction, the members of the Investment Committee have fully understood the investment value and actual operation of this project so that they can make clear decisions.


Ren Rishen, Director of Risk Control Center

As leader of the due diligence and risk evaluation of this project, Ren Rishen, director of the Risk Control Center, analyzed the risks of Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd. from the aspects of policy, safety, market, operating management, and environment and put forward corresponding solutions, providing strong professional support for the future cooperation.


Xie Boshi, Vice President of SendKing

At the Investment Committee Meeting, the members discussed a series of issues about the business conditions, later-period management and operation, and market space of the project. Vice President Xie Boshi stated, “As the construction projects in the sand gravel industry are subject to the approvals of the government departments at all levels, there are high access criteria for this industry. Besides, the construction projects in this industry have considerable profit margins and investment value, the main reason SendKing values this industry. Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd. has strong advantages on its geographical environment and production and its main business, deep processing of calcite, has high potential for value growth. The sand gravel industry is promising, but due to its high criteria, we may face some challenges in the subsequent execution of the project. Therefore, the personnel at both the decision-making and the executive levels must cope with this project with strong wills and completed risk response measures for the safe and prudent operation of this project and the security of the partners’ funds.”


Finally, after fierce discussion, the members of the Investment Committee unanimously agreed that Yongzhou Lengshuitan Huifeng Stones Co., Ltd. was worth investing and they would further conduct next round of deliberation on the actual operation and risk analysis and treatment of this project. Such decisions prove that SendKing treats each investment project rigorously and prudently, minimizing all risks to ensure the interests of investors.

With the policy support, the Chinese sand gravel industry has stepped into the stage of high-speed development with strong motive forces. President Pan Jibiao once said, “The essence of finance is to serve the real economy. As a national excellent financial enterprise, it’s our bounden duty and mission to drive the high-quality development of the real economy.” In the future, SendKing will continue exploring more high-quality sand gravel projects to advance this industry by the power of finance!

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