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Recently, with the acquisition of a listed company in Hong Kong, SendKing has obtained Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, Type 5, and Type 9 international financial licenses and is qualified to deal in securities and futures contracts, advise on securities and future contracts, and provide asset management services. With these qualifications, SendKing is about to provide clients with brand-new diversified businesses. Against this background, SendKing International, SendKing’s Hong Kong team, started comprehensive preliminary preparations for such businesses as dealing in securities, insurances, and futures contracts. 


 Figure: President passing experience on to the colleagues in Hong Kong

On November 12, 2019, to realize the seamless connection between the Changsha headquarters and the Hong Kong branch and better promote the operation of these diversified businesses, Li Feng, Senior Director of SendKing’s Operations Center and Technology Center, led a core team from the Technology Center of the Changsha headquarters, including Senior Project Manager Zhu Yang, Operation Manager Luo Feifei, and Senior Engineer Zhang Zhong, to visit Hong Kong and have a three-day deep exchange with SendKing International. The headquarters team was received by Dasiy Shao, Assistant to the President of SendKing International, Kenny, Chief of Financial Technology Department of SendKing International, Shi Xin, Chief of HR & Administration Department, and Peng Ling, Deputy Director of HR & Administration Department.


Figure: Headquarters team having a deep exchange with SendKing International

At the meeting, both parties deeply discussed on giving full play to the geographical advantages of Changsha and Hong Kong, integrating the relevant industrial resources, and promoting the diversified financial businesses; for the preliminary preparation for the forthcoming new businesses, they made important arrangements on specific responsibilities of both parties and set out the timetable for the key progress. 

At the exchange meeting, Li Feng noted, “Changsha, the base of SendKing, boasts mature information technology and outstanding financial talent, both of which can strongly support SendKing International in diversified businesses. By the power of technology, we also hope to build a bridge for the communication between the teams in Hunan and Hong Kong, whereby the two teams can eliminate their strangeness to each other and thus jointly promote the high-quality development of SendKing’s businesses.”


SendKing International, the Hong Kong headquarters of SendKing, has been equipped with a well-established operation and management system and a complete professional talent team. “As the main offshore and non-offshore center of the Asian financial market, Hong Kong ranks top among the international financial markets, with unique trade advantages on the maturity of the regulatory framework, completeness of the open trading market, and diversity of financial products. For these key reasons, SendKing chose to set up SendKing International here,” said Dasiy Shao, Assistant to the President of SendKing International.

She noted, “In the future, we will fully play our role as a “bridgehead”. By complementing the functions of Changsha headquarters, we will develop comprehensive and diversified capital services such as securities, futures, insurance, M&A, and bond underwriting, to pursue financial achievements in this broader market and create new opportunities for SendKing.”


Hong Kong has long served as an economic bridge for the enterprises from the Chinese Mainland and the rest of the world, and has seen booming development in the commercial and financial sectors. With the ever-deepening opening up and the sustained advancement of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the national wealth of China keeps growing and the domestic enterprises and residents have increasing demands for the allocation of overseas assets. As an important node city of the “Belt and Road” initiative and central city of the “Belt and Junction” initiative, Changsha has closely cooperated with Hong Kong in the fields such as economy and trade, culture, education, and technology. Hong Kong is the largest source of foreign investment and the largest export market of Changsha, and is also listed among the most attractive investment destinations for Changsha enterprises.

As an excellent financial enterprise in Hunan, with the consistent philosophy of “Think for China”, SendKing is highly concerned with the national economic development while steadily pursuing its international process. Through the platform of Hong Kong, we promote closer economic and trade cooperation between Hunan and Hong Kong and create more opportunities and better platforms for the economic development of the two regions. Under the leadership of President Pan Jibiao, SendKing will continue to steadily develop the domestic financial market and accelerate the layout in the overseas markets to support the Chinese enterprises in “going global”!

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