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Recently, approved by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), SendKing has formally completed the acquisition of the listed company (Stock Code: 00091), and through capital operation, SendKing has obtained Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, Type 5, and Type 9 international financial licenses and is qualified to deal in securities and futures contracts, advise on securities and future contracts, and provide asset management services. That means SendKing has won the first battle in its international layout and formally stepped into the stage of global development.


Figure: 10 Types of Licenses Granted by SFC

In 2019, led by President Pan Jibiao, SendKing formally entered a brand-new development era, pursuing international operation for the grand strategic goal to become a China-based enterprise with global influence. For this purpose, the company has taken a series of strategic actions, such as building a professional team - the international financial business department, establishing a branch in Hong Kong to serve as the international bridgehead, completing the acquisition, and achieving great breakthroughs in license applications. These accomplishments have fully demonstrated SendKing’s robust vitality and have laid a solid foundation for the company to build its overseas brand. More importantly, they have contributed a lot to the company’s international development.

The target company (Stock Code: 00091) in this acquisition is located in Hong Kong, listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, and an important enterprise in China’s natural gas industry. It is a promising resource giant with both ten-billion-level mega-scale mineral reserves and a complete set of financial licenses. This acquisition will help SendKing better integrate the resources and create good prerequisites for its implementation of international strategies.

The selection of Hong Kong as the first step in the international strategic layout is a result of SendKing’s prudent researches. As an international financial center, Hong Kong is the bridgehead for the Chinese-funded institutions to go global. By entering the Hong Kong market, SendKing can better enjoy Hong Kong’s advantages on capital, taxes, law, and financing, directly contact the international financial and capital markets, and cultivate international talent, thus laying a solid foundation for its international process.

In the future, with the advantage of resources integrated from the headquarters in the Chinese Mainland, the branch in Hong Kong, the strategic partners, and other parties, SendKing will establish distribution platforms in the core financial markets all over the world and closely cooperate with Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Singapore Exchange (SGX), BOC Hong Kong, and major international brokers and futures dealers, to provide investors with rich financial products and comprehensive capital services, including bond financing, equity financing, structured financing, overseas asset management, and private equity, and meet the all-round investment demands of domestic and overseas clients.


The Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, Type 5, and Type 9 international financial licenses SendKing has obtained are the passes into the international capital market. They will play a great role in providing strong support for the company’s cross-border financial services.

Type 1: Dealing in securities

Usage: Type 1 license holders can provide clients with securities trading services, like trading in stocks and options, and trade bonds and buy/selling mutual funds for clients; among financial licenses, Type 1 license sees the largest number of individual and institutional holders.

Type 2: Dealing in futures contracts

Usage: with Type 2 license related to trading in futures contracts, holders can trade index or commodities futures and buy/sell future contracts for clients;

Type 4: Advising on securities

Usage: with this advisory license, the institutional holders can offer investors appropriate advice on securities investment and issue relevant research reports; 

Type 5: Advising on futures contracts

Usage: with this advisory license, holders can act as sponsor for a listing applicant in an IPO, advise on the Codes on Takeovers, Mergers and Share Repurchases, and advise listed companies on compliance of the Listing Rules;  

Type 9: Asset management

Usage: as an equivalent of the privately offered fund license in the Chinese Mainland, this license allows holders to issue funds and manage clients’ capital in Hong Kong; with this license which means the pass into the international capital market, holders can not only directly participate in the overseas investment, but also manage and use the overseas investors’ capital.


Obtaining the relevant financial licenses is SendKing’s primary plan in the international strategies and is also an important task in its Fifth Five-year Strategic Plan. The obtaining of those international financial licenses marks SendKing’s official operation of overseas businesses and good beginning for its international financial layout. From the domestic development to the global operation, with 21-year unremitting endeavors, the SendKing staff, under the leadership of Present Pan Jibiao, have always been striving for the life-long mission and responsibility to “think for China” and devoting themselves to the course of pushing the Chinese-funded financial enterprises onto the world stage. In the future, with the international financial licenses and the advantage of Hong Kong as a trade area, SendKing will gradually develop into an international first-class comprehensive capital service platform to show the world the strength of China.

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