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On November 16, 2019, Pan Jibiao, Present of SendKing, and Li Feng, Senior Director of SendKing’s Operations Center and Technology Center, arrived in Beijing to attend the “China Economic Annual Summit 2019” and “2019 (Third) China Finance and Investment High-Level Forum”, as invited. At this event, SendKing was ranked among the “Top Ten Honest Brands”, and Mr. Pan was honored as “Innovative Person of China’s Financial Brand”.


Themed “focusing on financial hotspots and spreading brand power”, this event discussed about enhancing the capacity to financially serve the real economy in line with the economic and financial development law, exploring new financial drivers for the sustained and healthy development of the Chinese economy; this event provided an exchange and cooperation platform for the direct contact between the real economy and finance; moreover, this event praised and rewarded the institutions and individuals that actively performed their social responsibilities and made outstanding contributions to the Chinese economy in 2019.


Figure: He Keng, Vice Chairman of Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress  


Figure: leaders and guests present giving speeches

This event drew wide attention in the industry, and attracted leaders of relevant regulatory authorities, well-known experts and scholars in the economic and financial sectors, entrepreneurs from financial and brick-and-mortar enterprises, and mainstream financial media professionals. At the Economic Forum and the Financial Forum, the masters from all circles made speeches and discussions on many issues such as the financial regulation and risk prevention under the current economic situation, the high-quality economic development driven by technological innovation, further development and innovative reform in the financial industry, financially serving the real economy.


Figure: President accepting the award on behalf of SendKing

At the event, President Pan Jibiao was granted with the honorary title of “Innovative Person of China’s Financial Brand” by the organizing committee for his long-term strategic insight, broad international vision, and operation principle that “honesty matters more than life”. Led by Mr. Pan, SendKing has always adhered to legal and compliance operation, developed in a stable and green manner, and won the unanimous recognition from customers and counterparts. For this reason, SendKing was ranked among the “Top Ten Honest Brands”.

These two awards were subject to extremely strict evaluation criteria. Among thousands of influential entrepreneurs and enterprises nationwide, the organizing committee of the “China Economic Annual Summit 2019” and “2019 (Third) China Finance and Investment High-Level Forum” selected excellent representatives from the fields related to finance and investment, after assessing in a scientific and objective manner the candidates’ performance with regard to the fifteen specific indicators from six dimensions of innovation ability, quality management, business performance, development planning, brand building, and compliance and legality. 


These two awards granted to SendKing not merely reflect the organizing committee’s affirmation for SendKing’s outstanding performance in all aspects. More importantly, ranking SendKing among the “Top Ten Honest Brands” manifests that the organizing committee fully recognizes what Mr. Pan has achieved in honest operation, standardized development, and serving society during his corporate management. About these awards, Mr. Pan said, “I’m very grateful to the organizing committee for presenting SendKing and me with these two awards. Such honors have greatly encouraged us and even spurred us. For years, we have always put honesty first to ensure the security of investors’ funds through the rigorous and prudent pre-project survey and the sound post-investment management, and we have won good market reputation with actual deeds. Such honors will spur my company and me to keep moving forward. No matter how long ithas developed and where it is advancing, SendKing will always take honest operation as its basic principle to safeguard each client’s interests to the largest extent; SendKing will continue to optimize the capital layout and innovate the investment and financing modes to grasp the development opportunities, strengthen the fund guarantee, and create an excellent enterprise with “zero default” in 30 years, 40 years and even 100 years!”


Li Feng, leader of the two core departments, the Operations Center and the Technology Center, felt very honored to have accompanied Mr. Pan to this event. About SendKing’s being included among the “Top Ten Honest Brands”, Mr. Li said sentimentally, “Just because of SendKing’s persistence in compliance development and living up to every client’s trust, we have finally won the unanimous recognition and got these honors. Under the leadership of President Pan, the company will continue adhering to this promise, committing itself to becoming the cornerstone for the sound development of the financial industry.”

excellent national capital service platform, SendKing has always kept honesty in mind, followed the primary principle that “honesty matters more than life”, attracted numerous loyal investors owing to its good reputations, and made glorious achievements in the past 21 years. SendKing’s winning awards this time manifests that its brand value was improving stably and also reflects that its performances in legality and compliance, honest operation, and standardized operation have exerted a positive influence on the financial industry. SendKing will continue holding fast to honest operation and promoting the technological innovation, and with a global vision, SendKing will create an open, diversified, and shared capital service platform.

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