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On November 17, 2019, Pan Jibiao, President of SendKing attended “the China Economic Annual Summit 2019” on invition. During his tight schedule, President Pan made time to visit the site of the important project, Beijing Aoya Building, for inspection.


Figure: President Pan inspecting the project site

On the site, President Pan communicated in detail with the construction staff on project progress and made professional and pertinent instructive comments. The timely communication and handling of problems through effective contacts and reports has not only promoted the actual progress of the project, but also manifested President Pan’s commitment and responsibility to the partners and investors.

Beijing Aoya Building is a high-quality real estate project purchased by Hunan King Pattern Industrial Holding Group, SendKing’s capital service partner. SendKing has provided professional investment survey, risk analysis, and capital operation services to assist King Pattern Group in winning the bid for the ownership of this project.


Figure: Concept Map of Beijing Aoya Building

Beijing Aoya Building is located at Beiyuan Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing and adjacent to the National Stadium, “Bird Nest”, and the Olympic Green.  The building covers a floor area of 12,300 square meters, with a total of nine floors (including the underground parking) scattered with stores, restaurants, and hotels. The Beiyuan commercial area, where the project is located, has seen relatively rapid growth in recent years. The multiple subway lines in operation have facilitated this area’s development of supporting facilities in transportation, commerce and education. The Beiyuan commercial area is also supported by a wealth of characteristic industries like finance, international trade, cultural media, and high technology. And as many foreign exchange activities are held here, it is an important place for foreign affair activities in Beijing.

Through rounds of field visits and surveys, SendKing’s Survey Group professionally evaluated the actual value and appreciation space of the project. In the later bidding, SendKing provided specialized guidance and capital support for Hunan King Pattern Industrial Holding Group. After dozens of rounds of bidding, the King Pattern Group finally won the bid for this property among many renowned enterprises.


Figure: President Pan providing instructions on the site

SendKing has always been following the principle of safeguarding the clients’ interests to the largest extent. With the mature risk management control systems and professional industry research teams, SendKing monitors the risks in real time, reports the potential risks timely, and provides clients with professional and prudent investment advice. After deep investigations on the project of Aoya Building and negotiations with the relevant parties, SendKing believes that this project, with the advantageous location, complete supporting facilities, and high commercial value, will bring considerable investment returns through the quality and operation upgrading in the later period and is thus a good investment choice.

Through the real-time monitoring on project progress, the Survey Group remarkably found that with the continuous improvement of the surrounding infrastructure, the location of Aoya Building is of increasing value.

Currently, this project is in construction, and the internal verification and testing has been done. SendKing will continue following up the construction and operation of Aoya Building and disclose information to clients timely and objectively to ensure the open and transparent progress of the project and to protect the clients’ legitimate rights and interests.


Figure: President Pan making explanations and analyses on the site

At the same time, SendKing will continue keeping close contact and cooperation with King Pattern Group to  support the prudent operation of this project with financial power and thereby to develop Aoya Building into a modern urban complex integrated with leisure, catering, offices, and hotels, contributing to the development of the real economy.

For SendKing, the primary task of a capital service platform is to safeguard the clients’ interests and capital security. SendKing will also conduct sustained and rigorous project monitoring and risk control to ensure the steady project operation and to reassure clients. SendKing will continuously pursue financial innovation and industrial upgrading to enhance financial strength so as to better serve the real economy and bring clients more added value.

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