Development History

  • 2019

     June 30  SendKing held its 2019 National General Managers Conference at Xiangtai Ecological International Hotel in Hunan This conference once again highlighted the key tasks and development strategies for the Fifth Five-year Development Plan. President Pan pointed out, “This year marked the most important year of SendKing in its 21 years of development. At the new stage of our development, we need to innovate in new products to push SendKing up to a new level, and strive to make it into a domestically and internationally first-class financial platform with all licenses.

     Apr. 4   The groundbreaking ceremony of SendKing Pattern · Xiyue Town real estate project jointly developed with the capital service institution Hunan King Pattern Industrial Holding Group, was held, where nearly 500 people from the Ningxiang mainstream media and other circles were present. Moreover, over eighty thousand people to watch such a Chinese-style event through live broadcast.

     Feb. 12  SendKing upgraded its province-based market management into the region-based one and motivated the regions by streamlining administration and delegating power, to keep the marketing system in line with the headquarters’ requirements on enhanced management and on wider and better coverage at the regional level.

  • 2018

     Dec. 31The groundbreaking ceremony of King Pattern · Deya Garden, a brand-new real estate project jointly developed by SendKing and the capital service institution Hunan King Pattern Properties Co., Ltd. was held.

     Sep.      On Sep. 1, SendKing formally upgraded its business mode from creditor's rights services into equity investment services. Such a historical transition is a result of the long plan guided by the new rules of asset management and the document ([2018] No. 10) issued by China Banking Regulatory Commission, marking that SendKing had stepped into a brand new stage of development.

     Aug. 10 SendKing’s capital service partner, Hunan King Pattern Properties Co., Ltd., won the bid for No. 748 lot, Xicheng New Zone, Changde, on Aug. 10, 2018, indicating a formal entry into Changde market. This is a key step for King Pattern Properties to deepen its strategic layout in the city cluster of Hunan, as well as an important practice of SendKing under the mode of equity investment services.

  • 2015

    May        SendKing was granted with the title of “Non-Profit Partner of Hunan Student Aid & Warmth Project” by the United Front Work Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Hunan Department of Education, and Hunan Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Office.

    Dec.       SendKing was honored as “Most Charitable Donating Enterprise” at the third Membership Representative Conference & third “Hunan Charity Awards Ceremony” of Hunan Charity Federation.

  • 2014

    Dec.       SendKing was listed into “Top 10 Investment and Financing Innovation Institutions” and rated as “Outstanding Contribution Organization of Hunan (Changsha) Investment and Financing Expo” at the 2014 Hunan (Changsha) Investment and Financing Expo.

    May       SendKing was rated as “Contract-Honoring and Promise-Keeping Organization in 2013” by Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce on the document co-issued with its portal website (“Red Shield”).

  • 2013

    Dec.       SendKing was granted with the “Special Contribution Award in Post-disaster Reconstruction of Shuangpai County, Hunan Province in 2013” by the People’s Government of Shuangpai County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province.

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